• StoryNory is a collection of free audio books. Let me repeat that: FREE AUDIO BOOKS!
  • More free audio books.
  • Free ebooks.
  • FreeReading is an open-source page that has tons of resources for struggling readers ages k-3.
  • Jan Brett has a page filled with her artwork and stories.
  • Golden Books has a fun Literature-based page.
  • Here is Highlights for Kids’ educational page as well!  Children’s literature overload!
  • Poe Revealed is everything you ever wanted to know about the founder of true suspense writing.
  • The Gutenburg project has tons of free e-books.
  • Given that we’re halfway to March (I’m writing this post in February) which is Reading Month, here is the official page of RIF, and Here is the official page of all things Suess.
  • Storyplace is a great site to get kids interested in reading about things that interest them.
  • StorySomething creates a personalized story for kids about a topic they like (dragons, ponies, etc).
  • Signed Stories is a fun interactive page allowing kids to play with all sorts of book-related stuff.
  • North Umberland has Nursery Rhymes that are read aloud and kids can read along.
  • BookTrailers is a great way to get kids interested in new titles.  Think of it as a free ad for reading.
  • This page has free online audio stories.  It has everything from Beowulf to Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Youtube has a channel dedicated solely to Hooked on Phonics.  There are some great videos on there.
  • Books Should Be Free is a massive collection of free audio books.
  • Wimpyourself is a fun page to get kids interested in the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie coming soon.
  • Aesop’s Fables (all 656+ of them) are available online with both text and audio as well as the morals listed. It’s a massive collection, but it’s very easily accessible even for beginning computer users.
  • Tired of book reports?  Check out these alternatives.
  • Free books you’re allowed to print yourself?  Check out these links.
  • Zooburst allows kids to make pop-up books from their stories.
  • Stage’d lets kids make 3-d Stage directions of stories, using characters and their placement on the stage. After the link you’ll find a great writeup.
  • What should I read next? is a great page that gives kids book recommendations.

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