Incredibly useful things!

Another day, another set of possibilities! Brace yourself for my newest set of links for all! If you’re looking for links specific to your subject area, look at the tabs above this post.

  • I dare not question how he has enough time to do all of it, but Larry Ferlazzo, once again, has a “The Best” collection for everything.  Today, I give you his “The Best Places to Create Internet Scavenger Hunts” and “The Best Places to Find Classes for Collaborative Projects
  • For those of you who panicked about the facebook article I posted a few days ago, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief.  This article explains how to tweak all those new security settings.
  • Planning to do a wiki for something? Read this first. He has excellent guidelines.
  • As if any of you needed it, Google Docs just upped its storage capacity again. Article here.
  • Scared about your first multimedia project with students? Look this over. It gives a nice guide on how to set things up in baby steps.
  • This blog posts a good few tools every week. I get a lot of stuff here.
  • Want to enhance your personal learning network? Look no further than this page. It presents the top 50 blogs for learning new tools, content, and tech tips.
  • “But Seth, how do I use Google Wave in my classroom?” There are plenty of ways. Thank me later. I prefer payment in the form of Dr. Pepper.
  • Ever wished you could grab a little from here, take some from there, put it all on your computer and bring it everywhere? Try Evernote (thanks, Madden), you won’t regret it.

3 thoughts on “Incredibly useful things!

  1. Thank you, I was looking for ways and ideas to make my history class more student centered and the Collaborative Project link is packed with great stuff for my goodie bag Cool. Thanx for sharing

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