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Okay, I know it’s a bit hokey, but it’s the only way I could think of to begin the post.

Today’s rundown:

  • As many of you know, I’m not much into Educational Theory, but this article makes a very valid point that Universities may someday become a thing of the past (I certainly hope not!)
  • For those of you that teach your students to be safe online (hopefully all of you), youtube has a great video series here.
  • What does a document camera do in a classroom? Check here. This page has GREAT resources for Elementary teachers.
  • Science teachers: If you want your students to see a great visual of Water Footprints of various countries (great when you’re teaching the water cycle?), go here.
  • US History teachers: there is a great audio collection of historical moments in congress here.
  • Despite the article about facebook I posted yesterday, the University of New Hampshire did a great study about whether or not facebook affects grades in one way or another. ¬†Find it here.
  • No money for a field trip? Try a virtual one! Larry Ferlazzo does a great job describing them here.
  • For 3-D architecture teachers, etc.: All the Google Sketchup tutorial videos are now available for download here.
  • Here is a great new way to view census data.
  • Science Teachers (Biology): Microscopic creatures in really cool photos here.
  • Tikatok is a great tool for Elementary-age kids to create their own books.
  • Google Wave as a higer-ed teaching tool? Google Wave as a higher-ed teaching tool.
  • No idea if this is a real study or not, but apparently 90% of the world’s languages will be extinct in 100 years. ¬†Read about it here.
  • I don’t know if I made this available to you before, but here are 11 tools to make your life better. You’re welcome.
  • At Brainflips, kids make flash cards, share flash cards, and can use those flash cards.

More to come as I learn it!

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