12 Events That Will Change Everything

12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive_ Scientific AmericanScientific American released a cool interactive today entitled “12 Events That Will Change Everything“, and it’s about all sorts of singularity-type events.  This interactive could be used as information to get students interested in modern science, or even the beginnings to a unit on Science Fiction writing/reading.  The possibilities seem nearly endless, and could make for some great discussions on current events.

What motivates us.

This video has been floating around the web all day today, and I think it’s worth watching for anyone in any profession.  What I love about it is the resounding truth that what our students truly want is to feel as though what they do is important, to take pride in getting good at SOMETHING (this is different for every student), and they want a chance to be a bit creative.  It changed my viewpoint a bit on how I want to run my room.

iPadio: Record from your Phone and use it!

I like ideas like iPadio, where you can use the tech you have available to you currently and make it do amazing things.  That’s just plain nice.  iPadio allows you to leave a message for your students to get at a later date, get checkins from students no matter where they are/what they’re doing, and even convert speech to text (though I’ll admit it’s not perfect sometimes).  Enjoy and happy using!

How to Avoid Faxes

In this article, there is a section of websites (there are 3) that allow you to receive faxes as PDF’s. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have thought that the fax machine has been obsolete for ages, and though I don’t know about the ability to send faxes via these services (they all charge for their services rendered, I believe), they still look like a good idea.

SAT and AP Prep Games

This page, courtesy of Free Tech for Teachers, has a great link to BubbaBrain along with a good write-up of some of its features.  BubbaBrain can be used for AP and SAT test prep, and it looks pretty good from what I can tell.  Check it out if you get time, and once again, thank you to Mr. Byrne.