How to make homemade Hardtack and More!

For those of you that don’t know, hardtack was a type of biscuit-like bread that Civil War soldiers would often eat.  It’s not a complex food to make by any means, but there are some horrific stories out there of soldiers eating some moldy, wormy, and downright nasty hardtack just to stay alive.  Not to mention, if you teach any books set in the Civil War era, it’s almost a given that hardtack will be mentioned at some point.  Needless to say, hardtack has always been one of those things I’ve wanted to try, if for no other reason than to say I have eaten some.  At Wikihow, you’ll actually find a recipe for hardtack here.  Not only that, you’ll get a video tutorial as well.

Also of note in the world of Civil War History, Civil War Memory is a webpage maintained entirely by a High School Teacher/Civil War Historian and it is well worth your time.  The way I discovered the page was this short write-up about this larger piece concerning the execution of deserters during the Civil War, specifically on the side of the Confederacy.  (I know that last sentence was confusing, but it does make sense, I promise).  Civil War Memory is a great page in that it finds many great resources for your kids, and then centralizes them in one place.  Hopefully, you will (if you’re into Civil War stuff) find it as worthwhile and follow-worthy as I do.

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