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Good day, folks! It’s snowy out (if you didn’t notice) in most parts of the country, so I felt the picture was appropriate. Plus, this picture, if you notice, has and needs absolutely no attribution given that it is completely open-source.  If I pretended it was mine I’d have some legal issues, I’d be in trouble, but here you will find all sorts of pages (12 to be exact) which have appropriate, searchable, and, most importantly, open-source image databases.  These come in incredibly handy for projects in the classroom. I have a ton of links from over the weekend, so I’ll try to be as concise in my summaries as possible.

The rest of the daily rundown:

  • This is getting a bit into the realm of Educational Theory, but Apple makes a very strong argument about challenge-based learning as opposed to question-answer format alone. It’s very short, yet interesting. You’ll find it here.
  • I never personally preferred cell-phone activities in my classroom, but SCVNGR looks pretty fun for field trips or outdoor activities in which students were doing self-paced learning/discovery.
  • It takes a little bit to load and (admittedly) some extra patience, but MathMovesU is really fun even if you don’t happen to be a student anymore. It is a series of visual games using Math.
  • NEWS FLASH! If you like facebook, prepare to get a little disappointed/slightly uneasy about how private your information stays…read about it here.
  • At the bottom of this post by Larry Ferlazzo, you’ll find some great links to useful (and free) lesson plans.
  • I must be on a Ferlazzo kick today (if you don’t check his stuff, you should), but another page you must see is his “Best Collections of Educational Links
  • Google Tools for Teachers is a nice collection of tools, and if you use some of the Google Apps already, you need to check out Gears and Google Squared specifically.
  • Here is a good resource on teaching about Tobacco.
  • Here is a collection of all kinds of educational resources from Chem tutoring to Writing to Standardized Test skills.
  • VintageAdBrowser is an easy, surefire way to spice up any powerpoint. Just search for whatever fits your subject material.
  • If you’re looking to edit your pictures for free and in an easy format, you might want to check out a few of the links here.
  • Teaching politics and want some editorial cartoon lesson plans? Look no further than here.
  • Got an iPod Touch and want to try using it in your classroom? Try some of these apps.
  • Elementary Educational Skill-Building Games. ‘Nuff said.

More to come as I learn it!

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  1.   Sara-Beth O'Connor Says:

    Loved the source for free photos. I use a couple of those…it always nice to see new Web sites to use….if you have any more…please let me know. :) Newspaper needs photos all the time!

  2.   mredgar Says:

    As I find them, they’re yours to use! I’m getting more all the time.

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